Dear Pilots,

It comes with the deepest regret from all of us at JCRC and MMRCA that we send you this letter. The 2004 Show Me RC Extravaganza has been cancelled. Some of you are aware of this already, however out of respect for you and your past participation with our event, we deemed it only necessary to send you this letter formally. We apologize for what may seem as late notice, we have contacted every resource possible to try to bring you another Extravaganza this year, however with no prevail. This will explain the reason for not receiving a flyer announcing the show this year to you.

We recently received notice from the FAA that the event was considered non-compliant to be held at the Jefferson City Memorial Airport under the revised Federal Airport Regulations part 139. We have been in contact with the AMA and the FAA. The FAA will not allow the Extravaganza to be held at the airport any longer. In communication with the AMA’s FAA liaison, we have come to the conclusion that the Extravaganza has to be cancelled for this year. Jefferson City Memorial Airport is a certified airport through the FAA. Through this certification they receive Federal Funding for improvements and operating expenses. The FAA has instructed us, that holding the event is a violation of the Grand Assurance that is issued to the airport under their current level of certification. Which puts the airport, Jefferson City, and all parties involved at risk for damages and loss of certification for the airport. The AMA has been assisting us as much as possible but unfortunately, they have also had no success.

We want you to know that all the preparations were made to host the Extravaganza this year and in no way was the event cancelled due to lack of JCRC’s or MMRCA’s involvement. We have formed a committee between the two clubs that have brought you the Extravaganza for almost 15 years, to find another location for the Extravaganza next year. We will be contacting these communities shortly to host the Extravaganza. If you have any questions concerning the event, please email, Attn: Brian Nutt, Contest Director.

We look forward to flying with you next year.


Brian Nutt, Contest Director